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The Courage to Seek: An Awakening Journey of Being–Part One: Being on a Continuum


Photo by David Yu. [Editor’s Note: I am honored and delighted to be able to write this brief introduction to a series of blogs written by a courageous Malaysian student and her journey into her own existence. The person that I’d like to introduce to you is JoAnn Loo who I met during one of… Read more »

A Healing Curiosity


Berlinghieri’s St. Francis of Assisi (1235). “What was your experience of taking Ritalin like?” She shot back a look, somewhat surprised, almost shocked at my question. It seemed she found it incredulous that anyone would ask for HER account of her experience. And why not? Having been diagnosed multiple times by different people in different… Read more »

On Being an Existential Psychology Evangelist


Several years ago I was teaching at a university in Colorado and a small group of us were working to fan the fire of interest in existential psychology with some success. Each year, we brought Kirk Schneider to co-teach a seminar on existential psychology. Mark Yang began joining us from China, often with some Chinese… Read more »

In Defense of Summer Break for Teachers and Academics: What Critics Need to Know


Photo by George Serdechny. It is very common to hear strong criticisms of the teaching profession for what is perceived of as “lax schedules,” including having summers off. I admit, prior to entering the profession, I would be one to share these criticisms. However, after teaching for more than 10 years, I would happily invite… Read more »

The Future of Existential Psychology: Facing Maturity?


Photo by Graham Horn. When confronted with the invitation to share some thoughts about the future of existential psychology, the first question that came into mind was whether existential-phenomenological psychology (as I prefer to call it) is in fact constituted and well-established as a science, with an outlined object of study, research methodologies and with… Read more »

The Future of Existential Psychology: Introductory Psychology Textbooks and the Commitment to Essentialism


When I think back to my college education, I consider it a small wonder that I ever found my way to existential psychology. My undergraduate psychology department as a whole was hostile to the threat of philosophy encroaching upon their discipline. One professor even announced to my cohort that psychologists do what philosophers merely think… Read more »

The –Pop”


Conference attendees at the poster session. The Division 32/Society for Humanistic Psychology Conference at Pacifica Graduate Institute at the end of February reminded me of a conference catch phrase from the previous conference in Pittsburgh in 2012. A talk on community concluded with the idea that humanistic psychology seems to have all the right ingredients… Read more »