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We Don’t Need No Education


Thomas Jefferson, by Charles Wilson Peale. Our education system is currently in crisis. It is no secret that American children are at best average when compared to children from other countries (see, e.g., this Huffington Post article), and our adults fare very poorly on tests of math, science, history, and general knowledge. This has serious… Read more »

Shopping with Awareness and Interconnection

The holidays are around the corner, and I just read that Macy’s will be open on Thanksgiving for the first time in its history. The leaders of the chain of retail stores want to capitalize on the market demand for holiday shopping as much as they can, following the lead of retailers like Wal-Mart and… Read more »

The Future of Learning

Today’s organizations tend to focus on getting better and better at what made them successful. This can be problematic, according to Clayton Christensen, author of The Innovator’s Dilemma. “The problem is that this leaves companies vulnerable to the disruptive innovations that emerge in the murky, low-margin bottom of the market,” Christensen explained in a recent… Read more »

Reconciling Stagnation and Generativity

Consciousness is a term related to awareness. Awareness of what? Awareness of ourselves and others. Those things we can observe and those that we cannot. Those we can measure and those we intuit. Individually, our consciousness is a product of our capacities and capabilities in relation to our life conditions, those elements that impact how… Read more »

A Chicken in Every Pot and a Screen at Every Fingertip

My wife Katherine, who teaches preschool, overheard the following question raised by a 4-year-old during lunch last week, “Does your mommy let you download apps?” During the rest of the conversation, the 4 and 5-year-olds compared technology access policies in their homes. On a separate occasion, Katherine told me about a student who was baffled… Read more »

Living Systems, Feeling Systems

My work has been grounded in systems thinking. That has been the intellectual field that has informed my inquiry and has justified my natural tendency for connecting seemingly unrelated things and expanded boundaries. The field that has supported my personal quest for greater integration and inclusivity. However, although I continue to do much of my… Read more »

Education as… Discretionary Spending?

A mid-August posting by Jeff Selingo, editorial director of The Chronicle of Higher Education, described three key issues facing administrators in higher education in the U.S. What he referred to as the “trifecta” that had to be kept in balance involved “rising tuition discount rates, flat or falling net tuition revenue, and declining yield numbers.”… Read more »

Leveraging Relationships to End Poverty: The Power of Circles

I was recently introduced to an innovative approach to address the personal and systemic challenges of poverty. Imagined and initiated by Scott Miller, CEO of Move the Mountain Leadership Center, Circles is a process taking place in communities throughout the U.S. Scott’s mission, as I interpret it, is to inspire, educate, and connect people and… Read more »

Selective Teaching: How Social Class May Influence What Children are Taught

In the U.S., our appreciation for a college education operates much like a simple casual loop reinforcing the belief that work toward a college education will eliminate barriers. In his 2004 book Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams, Alfred Lubrano notes the social pains of class mobility. You see, moving towards an educated “self” creates some… Read more »