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Where Have All The Women Gone?


Billie Jean King. Photo by David Shankbone. Two weeks ago, Jason Collins, a professional basketball player, announced he was gay via an article in Sports Illustrated. As I write this blog entry, Collins announcement is still causing somewhat of a stir among sports media types. Sports media outlets pronounced this a ground breaking moment in… Read more »

The Emerging Cultural Approach to Existential Psychology: Diversity Language and Symbols


Junkaroo festivities in the Bahamas. Existential and humanistic psychology has struggled in is embrace of diversity (see Hoffman, 2012, for an extended discussion of this topic). Yet, there is hope that change is coming. The first vital step was working to gain widespread acceptance that diversity is an important topic worthy of consideration in existential… Read more »

Missing Women’s Voices in Leadership: Makes for a Flawed Democracy

In his March 11th 2013 article “Female candidates faced big obstacles in concluded polls” in the Standard Digital, Michael Wesonga asserted that “Kenyan women stand out as the greatest losers in the just concluded General Election after they failed to clinch top seats. No woman was elected as governor or to the Senate”. He further… Read more »

Science and Spirituality in Organizational Practice

One of the wonderful things about being part of Saybrook’s community is the opportunity to connect with and continue to learn from the faculty teaching in the different schools and programs. Ever since I was enrolled as a student in the late 1990s, I have been an admirer of the profound scholarship, intellectual brilliance, and… Read more »

The Future of Existential Psychology: Fear the Boogie Man, Not the Negro


Photo by New York World-Telegram and the Sun. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in 1967, just months prior to his assassination, addressed the American Psychological Association (APA), encouraging social scientist to take a more humanistic approach to understanding the effects of racism and segregation on African Americans by leaving the laboratory for the hedges and… Read more »

One Billion Rising: A Global Call to End Violence Against Girls and Women

As a woman who is a survivor of violence and as a human rights advocate who focuses on women’s and children’s rights, I took part last week in the V-Day One Billion Rising campaign, which aims to create a space of celebration while questioning the culture of violence and other retrogressive cultural practices that violate… Read more »

Intentionality, Collaboration, and Presence: Accelerating Systemic Transformation

I had a powerful experience this past week. It was the launch of the Global Leadership Lab, an organization I co-founded even though it was never my plan to do so. The experience has shown me the power of pure intention and deep collaboration in the quest to accelerate systemic transformation. For the past six… Read more »

Gender Equality: Celebrating Our Differences, Embracing Our Humanity

Last year, my daughter, now 9, asked me to explain the meaning of “gender equality.” As I explained the meaning of this phrase she had encountered while reading a paper that I was writing, she asked me yet another question: “so why aren’t things this way, mommy?” My daughter was surprised and could not fathom… Read more »

Political Leadership, Human Rights, and Activism: What Is the Connection?

Today the world celebrates the International Day of Human Rights, and lately I have been reflecting on conversations that I have been engaged in where the topics of leadership, human rights, and activism become points of curiosity for me. In late November, I attended the fourth annual African Women and Political Leadership conference in Lilongwe,… Read more »