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What is the Humanistic Perspective?

In a recent letter to the Saybrook University community, incoming president Nathan Long, EdD, affirms our “passionate dedication to mission” and states that “in a day and age in which higher education is faced with myriad challenges both internally and externally, Saybrook’s approach to progressive research and scholarly application is even more relevant that it… Read more »

Existential Roundup


Photo by Ben Schumin. Welcome to the Existential Roundup, where we bring you links to some articles currently trending that may be of interest to those in the existential-humanistic psychology community. No matter what your political leanings are, this week has been an emotional one in the world of politics. While the actual political ramifications… Read more »

Integration: Searching for a Place in the Culture to Call Home


Photo by Christopher Schwarzkopf. It was said we were in a “post-racial era” after President Obama was elected … just like it was said we were reaching a “post-racial era” when Bill Clinton was “Americas first black president.” Remember that? Seems awfully embarrassing in hindsight. It is one of the most confounding aspects of Americans… Read more »

Emotional Conversion


Maurice Merleau-Ponty tells us that we are Beings-in-the-World through our bodies—that it is through our sensations, perceptions, and kinesthetic senses that we can know and relate to our Self and to others. This concept is intrinsic to understanding existential psychotherapy as a mind-body practice and appreciating that relationship has to happen on both levels. It… Read more »

The Case Against Client-Therapist Cultural Matching


The human solidarity that I envisage is not a global uniformity but unity in diversity. We must learn to appreciate and tolerate pluralities, multiplicities, cultural differences. (Gadamer in Pantham, 1992, p. 132) The realities of globalization and multicultural omnipresence initiated a socio-economic and political demand for the inclusion of the cultural other across all professional… Read more »

Existential Roundup


Photo by Kurt Löwenstein Educational Center. Welcome to the Existential Roundup, where we bring you links to some articles currently trending that may be of interest to those in the existential-humanistic psychology community. The events in Ferguson, Mo.—the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager—have once again reignited race and diversity wars in this country…. Read more »

The Importance of Gender Equity

In my last blog Strengthening our Social Fabric, I mentioned Sweden’s emphasis on gender equity as a way to create a good society.  Here I will further consider the systemic implications of gender equity in hopes that we consider its importance to all societies. The Global Gender Gap report (2013) rates 136 countries on their… Read more »

The Evolutionary Journey of Life

Life is a journey. I have been keenly aware of that for a good portion of my life.  I guess I became aware of the power of the metaphor in my early twenties when I broke away from some cultural patterns that diverted me from what a friend called “the franchised life” — that more… Read more »

Strengthening Our Social Fabric

Recently I travelled to Finland for a conference which created an opportunity to travel around the Scandinavian countries. The country that left the strongest impression was Sweden.  We took the ferry from Vassa Finland to Umea Sweden and as soon as we got on the ferry, I noticed something different in the way Swedish people… Read more »

Seeing Beyond Boundaries that Divide Us in Our Quest for Social Justice for ALL – Part 1

July is usually a rather reflective month for me as I embrace yet another year of progression in age with a deep sense of gratitude for the gift of life. The past two weeks have particularly been reflective and thought-provoking for me as I seek to gain deeper insights on a variety of things. These… Read more »