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Organizational Communication and Cultures of Collaboration

Continuing the conversation about collaborative advantage, in our interdependent world, organizations are intelligent networks that thrive on connectivity. Companies are not lifeless “brick-and-mortar” buildings, financial balance sheets filled with numbers, or warehouses stacked with products, but dialogical human enterprises that flourish and serve customers through the application of human ingenuity and engagement. Spirited workplace communities… Read more »

Intentionality, Collaboration, and Presence: Accelerating Systemic Transformation

I had a powerful experience this past week. It was the launch of the Global Leadership Lab, an organization I co-founded even though it was never my plan to do so. The experience has shown me the power of pure intention and deep collaboration in the quest to accelerate systemic transformation. For the past six… Read more »

Collaborative Advantage

The outset of any new year is always a good time for critical reflection, to thoughtfully re-evaluate the past and honestly look at the challenges the upcoming year poses. Such reflection is particularly significant as we begin 2013. While it will be a struggle, it is time to courageously move beyond self interest-based partisanships and… Read more »


For me, this year promises to be a year of integration. Recently, a colleague told me that I am a weaver. We were working on the design of a leadership program for social innovators when she said, “And just as I thought that we were done, your brought in another thread and weaved it to… Read more »

Mindsets, Roles, and Much, Much More

I have been engaged in a conversation on the Harvard Business Review website that was sparked by the question, “Interested in opinions—is a leader a role or a mindset?” The question was posed by Joan Kofodimos, a partner at Teleos Consulting in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. I would suggest that posing an either/or question usually does… Read more »

What Struck You?

This year’s Systems Thinking in Action conference hosted by Pegasus Communications in Indianapolis, Indiana, brought a question into focus: What struck you? In his keynote address, Peter Block emphasized the importance of questions, such as this. His message: Questions are the point; questions bring us together; and answers keep us apart. We must ask great… Read more »

Three Elements for Virtual Collaboration

Collaboration takes work and willingness. It isn’t always easy and it takes effort to gain the trust that enables us to think well together. When we begin to resonate with mutual understanding, we foster creativity in each other. Dr. Sylvia Gaffney and I recently created a model for attending to virtual relationships to assist anyone… Read more »

Leadership Lessons Learned from the Presidential Election

As I turned on the TV yesterday evening to watch the election results, I didn’t know what to expect. The polls were too close to give a confident advantage to either candidate and, given recent history, it was plausible that either candidate could have won. Reflecting on what emerged during the evening, I began thinking… Read more »

Teams & Technology: Research from the Field

For the last three days, I have been researching virtual teams and technology for an academic paper that a colleague and I will be presenting at the International Conference on Transformative Learning, which will be held in San Francisco, California, in early November. My mind is full of the ideas and research provided by many… Read more »

Living Systems, Feeling Systems

My work has been grounded in systems thinking. That has been the intellectual field that has informed my inquiry and has justified my natural tendency for connecting seemingly unrelated things and expanded boundaries. The field that has supported my personal quest for greater integration and inclusivity. However, although I continue to do much of my… Read more »