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Givers, Takers and Matchers, and Their Impact in Organizations

Bill Gates stated at the World Economic Forum in 2008 in Switzerland, “there are two great forces of human nature—self-interest and caring for others.” It is easy to understand the impact of giving and taking at a global scale. Our world leaders show us the results of both. Mother Teresa, Gandhi, and Martin Luther King… Read more »

Learning to Work and Manage Virtually

The decision made by the CEO of Yahoo to order all employees working virtually back into the office was an unfortunate indication of how little we have learned about working in a virtual world. Sad, given that people have been doing this for over a half century. I was fortunate to work for a company… Read more »

The Workplace: Individual Contribution or Community

Marisa Meyer–new CEO of Yahoo and a new mother–took a strong stand on a debate about the nature of a progressive, employee-valuing and innovative workplace. Emulating her former employer Google she decreed that Yahoo employees were now required to be present in person and working together. She feels that a creative and high performing workplace… Read more »

MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) in Organizations

I was pinching myself last Sunday when I joined the MBSR community from Northern California in San Jose. The gathering met with MBSR founders Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli and renowned MBSR and Vipassana teacher Bob Stahl for the day, exploring what is going on with MBSR and what is emerging. Evidence gathered with over… Read more »

How can we best support cross-organizational collaboration?

It seems that many of the conversations I am engaged in these days focus on the need for organizations to collaborate. When I first started working in the area of collaboration, the focus was on creating cultures in organizations that supported people in collaborating across their often siloed functional structures.  Maybe that was the beginning… Read more »

Family Business as a Model for Sustainability and Social Responsibility

I have been interviewing family owners of large global family enterprises that have sustained the family wealth and positive connections over several generations. One member of the 4th generation of a family–now numbering more than 100 family owners–reflected on her experience of going to annual family business meetings for nearly a half century! At first… Read more »

Organizational Collaborative Ecosystems

Working with people around the world is a wonderful opportunity to create new ideas and bring them to life. Multiple perspectives are crucial for success in the unpredictable world we live in. No one can see the whole system anymore. Bernice Moore’s insight from her latest blog posting is so true, particularly that last sentence—that… Read more »

Science and Spirituality in Organizational Practice

One of the wonderful things about being part of Saybrook’s community is the opportunity to connect with and continue to learn from the faculty teaching in the different schools and programs. Ever since I was enrolled as a student in the late 1990s, I have been an admirer of the profound scholarship, intellectual brilliance, and… Read more »

Talking Collaboration

We talk together to collaborate (or co-labor) and we use language when we write, email, tweet, and hang out in social spaces. Our words build relationships and connect us so we can accomplish things, from nailing down project details or creating strategies to designing systems or resolving complex challenges. We meet together to make sure… Read more »