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Leadership for Local & Global Resilience

Last week I attended the 15th Annual International Leadership Association Global Conference in Montreal. The conference theme was Leadership for Local and Global Resilience, recognizing the need for leaders to innovate and lead sustainable change in our local and global communities and organizations. This academic conference brought together students, faculty, consultants, coaches, and just a… Read more »

It’s A lot Like Synchronized Swimming

As a teenage, Christine LeGarde, the current Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) competed as a member of the French national synchronized swimming team. In an interview with National Public Radio, the reporter pointed out that LeGarde had often compared her IMF role with being a member of her synchronized swimming team. I… Read more »

“Reopening Spaces” for African Women Cultural Leadership for Social Transformation – Part 2

In part 1 of this article, I attempted to provide a historical contextualization of the role the transatlantic slave trade, colonialism and introduction of Christianity played in enabling the dominant narrative that African women have not played a significant leadership role in the social, economic, political, spiritual and other spheres of human development within their… Read more »

From social to cultural entrepreneurship

In another blog post I talked about my role as an integrator. My work as a scholar-practitioner has been grounded in evolutionary systems theory, transformative learning, and systemic action-research. My most creative contributions to organizations come from my ability to question and expand perceived boundaries and from connecting seemingly unrelated “dots.” In other words, my… Read more »

The power of meaningful conversations to clarify a path forward

We struggle in organizations to clarify objectives and future directions. We are working in complex adaptive systems that are ever changing and uncertain, and our ability to foresee the future, establish goals, and work toward them in a linear way, is difficult, if not impossible, in organizations today. At the same time the challenges before… Read more »

“Reopening Spaces” for African Women Cultural Leadership for Social Transformation – Part 1

Queens. Queen Mothers. Princesses. Chieftaincies. Women Cultural Leaders. Royalty. These are terms and concepts I have encountered in folklore, books, music, history lessons and most prominently in the media with the most visibility perhaps being placed on the British monarchy. As far as I know, my community of birth — Gusiiland, Kenya — did not… Read more »

What happens when a family owns a large business over generations?

Why was the sale of the Washington Post such a media event when struggling businesses are sold every day? Attention was paid because of the special nature of the business—a corporation owned and controlled by a very public family who had put their stamp on it and upheld their values, over four generations. While the… Read more »

Reflections on Collaboration Gleaned from a Dialogue with OS Program Students

Organizations are dynamic interactive human social networks. Ecosystems of relationships enabling knowledge and practical wisdom to be applied so organizations can reach their mission and serve their clientele are the heart and soul of contemporary organizations. Increasingly, collaborative workplace systems are the preferred organizational model, but being collaborative is not easy. Plus, an organization must… Read more »

Collaborative Organizational Cultures: “Belonging” to the Entire Organization

In past blogs, I have explored the notion of an organization’s “collaborative advantage” and outlined core attributes of organizational collaboration. Effective organizational collaboration is more than strategic tactical measures that produce results. It is not just a way of acting or behaving, but a way of being. Collaboration is being connected, is having a felt… Read more »