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Facebook on Wall Street

Facebook Inc. goes public this moring with an initial public offering (or IPO) that will potentially raise $18 billion and give the company an estimated value of $100 billion, according to news reports.  Many people throughout the world will scramble to buy shares so they can make money from the social media boom. Others will… Read more »

Technology’s Ultimate Purpose: An Altruistic Approach

Following my previous blog discussion concerning the sociotechnical nature of today’s society and workplace, Saybrook student Brett Joseph commented, “It is time for us to pause and consider how best to ensure that we protect and nurture our humanity…. I submit that, as we enter this timely dialogue about the implications of living in a… Read more »

A Conversation at the Crossroads

In the 1990s, Manuel Castells was extensively describing the “network society” that was emerging due to the Internet and modern digital technology. During this same time period, Howard Rheingold was promoting the value of virtual communities and charting how mobile information technology was enabling people to quickly organize to create movements and collaboratively take social… Read more »

More About Corporations as Engaged Citizens: A Reflection from Italy

I write this entry while living and working from Cefalù, Sicily, a town not only steeped in centuries-old tradition, but part of one of the countries currently struggling to survive as a member of the European Union. Evidenced by the hand waves and chatter in the streets, people in Cefalù know each other and have… Read more »

Corporations as Community Members

Corporations—or business organizations—are being (re)defined at this very moment. Presently, there’s a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that involves human rights violations committed by a corporation in a foreign country. Proponents of human rights are concerned that the Supreme Court’s decision will indicate that corporations have many rights but limited legal responsibilities. During this… Read more »

How to Make Communication Technology Work for Positive Social Change

We live and work in the information age, an era of global knowledge sharing and social networking enabled by a variety of information, communication, and collaboration technologies (or ICCT). What do we do about it? The rescue of the Chilean coal miners is a fine example of how modern digital technology aided people from around… Read more »

Crafting Organizations as Sustainable Human Systems

As can be seen by the current economic crisis and issues regarding global warming, leading organizations in the 21st century is very challenging and requires new approaches. Leading a sustainable organization involves stretching the organization to re-envision how it uses its resources, not only natural resources, but its workforce and business partnerships. Cruising the Internet,… Read more »