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Organizational Collaborative Ecosystems

Working with people around the world is a wonderful opportunity to create new ideas and bring them to life. Multiple perspectives are crucial for success in the unpredictable world we live in. No one can see the whole system anymore. Bernice Moore’s insight from her latest blog posting is so true, particularly that last sentence—that… Read more »

Organizational Communication and Cultures of Collaboration

Continuing the conversation about collaborative advantage, in our interdependent world, organizations are intelligent networks that thrive on connectivity. Companies are not lifeless “brick-and-mortar” buildings, financial balance sheets filled with numbers, or warehouses stacked with products, but dialogical human enterprises that flourish and serve customers through the application of human ingenuity and engagement. Spirited workplace communities… Read more »

Collaborative Advantage

The outset of any new year is always a good time for critical reflection, to thoughtfully re-evaluate the past and honestly look at the challenges the upcoming year poses. Such reflection is particularly significant as we begin 2013. While it will be a struggle, it is time to courageously move beyond self interest-based partisanships and… Read more »

Leaders as Multidimensional Thinkers

It is common knowledge that today’s business, nonprofit, and government professionals need to be situational leaders; that is, possess a portfolio of leadership styles and have the ability to manage situations with the appropriate method. One approach no longer works, if it ever did, for all occasions. Nor is it breaking news that the world… Read more »

Embracing Hope in Uncertain Times

There is a saying, “Everything will be all right in the end. So if it is not all right now, then it is not yet the end.” This mantra is proclaimed throughout the movie, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, as six British retirees grapple with getting older and lives that did not turn out as… Read more »

On Making Choices and Moral Courage

The fall 2012 semester has begun and the organizational systems and human science students are well into their journey exploring ethical issues that arise in organizations and society. The open and honest conversations have been very engaging and challenging causing all to stop and ponder the thoughtful insights developed, their practical applications to the business… Read more »

Information Systems Analysis and Design: Placing People at the Center

As explored in my previous post, in this Digital Age successful organizations are evolving into vibrant knowledge webs made possible by the Internet, organizational intranets, and virtual collaborative tools. They are now self-organizing sociotechnical systems that utilize complex cybernetic information systems to enable conversations to occur and relationships to form as the need arises. Organizational… Read more »

Ethical Systems as Analytical Lenses

While not unexpected, the economic crisis and the financial industry are back in the news as the LIBOR scandal. It seems that only the “tip of the iceberg” has been revealed about a severely misguided global economic system and the business leaders, philosophies, strategies and practices that created it continue to keep it operating. My… Read more »

Envisioning IT Professionals as Knowledge Network Architects

An organization has the potential to be a vibrant, knowledge commons. As in the age-old village where people developed a collective identity, fostered meaningful relationships, participated in engaging community dialogues, and helped each other solve problems, an organization can be a web of conversations and supportive networks. Rooted in the mutual commitment to the success… Read more »

Creating a Remote Office: A Web of Workplace Conversations

I spent this past week in Washington state’s Hood Canal region, a rural area dominated by exquisite vistas of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. I travelled there from California to get out of the hectic, stressful, 24/7 work atmosphere of my university campus office. While I had to check email, chat with colleagues… Read more »