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Penske: Changing the System Dynamics of Auto Retailing

Roger Penske may have been the communitarian entrepreneur who spearheaded the transformation of Detroit for the last Super Bowl seen played on Michigan soil, but his real credit ought to be given to him for assisting a “shift” in the auto retailing world. You see, Penske has applied a systems lens to the interconnectivity of… Read more »

Deconstructing the Past to Build a Stronger Future

Change happens. How a person accepts and adapts to change is a pretty personal decision. Some people like to wait and see how things shape up before acting or responding to change. Others jump in immediately and just go with it, relying on impulse and quick decision-making. Whatever the approach, we always need to gain… Read more »

The Power of Intention to Spark Evolutionary Change

Over my lifetime, I have learned from experience that holding an intention for change can result in creating the desired change. I have seen it work in bringing people and relationships into my life, creating the work I desired, and helping me develop a path forward to create the change. Essentially, I learned that if… Read more »

In Times of Change, Go Slow to Go Fast

Three organizations I work with are undergoing restructuring. In one case, the company is being acquired. The other two organizations are spinning off divisions to create new publicly traded companies. I have firsthand experience of working for a company that’s being spun off. I was a human resources director when PepsiCo divested itself of Pizza… Read more »