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Unemployment: A Sign of “Uncertainty” or the Need for a New Set of Assumptions?

As America’s countdown towards default continues, we keep hearing that it’s “uncertainty” about the economy that is keeping companies with big bank on hand from hiring new employees. That seems reasonable on its face.  After all, the news reports say we’re headed towards financial Armageddon … and honestly they have for some time.  Sure, the… Read more »

A society that only does technology well will age badly


There isn’t an “app” for the Wisdom of Solomon The first American baby boomer reached retirement age this year.  By 2030, one-in-five Americans will be a Boomer past 65.  This “silver tsunami” as it’s been called, will carry much of what we know about American culture with it:  when one-in-five people are over 65, our… Read more »

The 21st century suffers from an “existential famine”


It’s not easy being empathetic when conditions aren’t right  In response to several studies showing that empathy has declined significantly among the young, and that social media is correlated with narcissism, a new group of educators are hoping to counter the trend by teaching empathy in college classes.  Previous research, some by Saybrook University’s Joel… Read more »

The problem isn’t feminism: the problem is that you can’t become happy by proxy


By now we’re all pretty much like this In 2009 a major study (pdf) showed that women were increasingly unhappy in the modern world – and a host of pundits, psychologists, and sociologists asked “What’s happened to the fairer sex?” Was it feminism that was making women less happy? Economic inequality? Higher expectations? Loneliness? Feminism?… Read more »

Is the World Going to Become Sustainable on Its Own?

Leading thinkers in sustainability have known for some time now that a sustainable society can’t be based on continuous consumption.  The question was always:  how do we get there? A recent column in the New York Times suggests that it’s happening on its own, without any help from us. In “We’re Spent,” journalist David Leonhardt… Read more »

Psychology Needs Poetry – Part II


Is too much poetry a sign of maddness? In an extraordinary article in Poetry Magazine, poet Joshua Mehigan examines the popular link between “poetry” and “madness.”  After all, aren’t poets visionaries and eccentrics?  Aren’t they taken over by the muse and privy to the depths of the human experience? Well, maybe those last two.  But… Read more »

Third world call centers are a peek into the future of depression


A must-read article at Mother Jones describes the existential condition of the new global workers: college educated Indian call center employees. Never before in history have people lived and worked the way they do. Because call center companies don’t trust India’s infrastructure, they operate in walled cities of their own (“cities made by corporations, for corporations,” the… Read more »

The link between existentialism and spirituality is Awe


Shortly after becoming an existential therapist, Bob Edelstein remembers having a conversation with Rollo May. “I asked if one could be both existential and spiritual.  He responded that it was essential to be both.” Edelstein recounts that story in his recent review of Kirk Schneider’s book Awakening to Awe, and it represents one of the most… Read more »