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The history of Freud and the future of physics


Those who say psychology should be more like physics should read two recent articles and get their heads turned around: physics is becoming more like psychology. A new article about Freud in Prospect Magazine begins with a fundamental error: it suggests that Freud has been repudiated by psychology for refusing to flatter mankind. While his… Read more »

Rollo May’s last book, The Psychology of Existence, re-issued. An interview with co-author Kirk Schneider


Kirk Schneider Recently McGraw-Hill announced it was reissuing the seminal 1995 text The Psychology of Existence, by Kirk Schneider and Rollo May.  It was the last book May ever wrote, and he edited a galley copy just two days before his death. Psychology of Existence was intended to be a foundational book for the revitalization of… Read more »

Freedom’s just another word for “I don’t know what I’m doing.”


The latest 5 car pileup on the information superhighway is a column called “If I was a poor black kid.”  Naturally it’s written by a white, middle-aged, technology reporter for Forbes, because … well, of course.  It’s advice from writer Gene Marks on how urban poor minority juveniles can use technology to better themselves.  It… Read more »

I am a computer, therefore I … laugh?


He’s hilarious A new book is promoting a new, mechanistic, theory of why we laugh.  According to the authors of  Inside Jokes: Using Humor to Reverse-Engineer the Mind Human being have a sense of humor because the mind is a computer (“our brains are Chevy engines running Maserati software”) dedicated to constantly making sense of the… Read more »

Policy positions are, at heart, an existential choice


Periodically someone will publish the results of a study suggesting that “we” are smarter than our political enemies. Liberals are more open to new ideas, conservatives have more common sense – somehow the idea that our political beliefs are determined by our IQ lets some of us sleep easier at night. Daniel Klein isn’t one… Read more »

The State of Psychology in 2011


From crushing unemployment to multiple global conflicts – 2011 is a year that desperately needs a psychology that helps people tap their inner reserves and find their sense of purpose.  Yet too often academic psychology seems to have set everything human about humanity in its crosshairs.  Evolutionary Psychology tries to tell us that we are… Read more »

“Government” Isn’t a Technology and Can’t be Developed Like One

It’s been a bad week for government and technology. It was revealed this week that the medical records of over 300,000 Californians sat on unsecured servers … leaving everything from insurance claims to social security numbers available to anyone who wanted to Google it. On the other side of the spectrum, Florida Governor Rick Scott… Read more »