Tag: Art and Existentialism

A Liberating Dream and Moments Across Time


Le nozze di Figaro. Photo by Gunnar Wrobel. In my last blog, I wrote about a beautiful moment of cinematic creation in the movie The Shawshank Redemption. Since presenting this western movie to workshop participants across Asia, I since found out that this is one of the top ten movies for male audiences in China…. Read more »

Relational Consumerism,ãOr An Adventure With Luxor at Paracelso


Last week, I bought a hat. For the record, I do not normally buy hats, nor do I normally shop in the kind of fancy one-of-a-kind SoHo boutiques in New York City where I bought this one. But my friend Carmen was visiting from Spain—her first trip to the United States—and saw the interesting collection… Read more »

Unconditional Love


Unconditional love. Is it possible for humans—or even desirable? We sometimes talk about the idea of unconditional romantic love. This seems the least likely of all loves. Romantic love necessarily discriminates. You love him because of who he is. If he were transformed into a whole other person, you’d not love him any more—at least,… Read more »

Creation Through Destruction: Embracing Our Identities as Creative Destroyers


Every act of creation is also an act of destruction. The creation of something new and different, something that has not yet been, demands the destruction of the old and the typical, what is now and what has come before. The presence of destruction is at the core of the creative process itself. Our most… Read more »

Listening to the Music


Cantigas de Santa Maria manuscript illustration. In my previous role as a supervisor and training director, I often found my students repeating back to me the phrase that James Bugental taught about “listening to the music rather than the lyrics” when conducting therapy. Bugental had a nice way of putting it by teaching us to… Read more »