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Always Sunset


Photo by Warrenlead69 (Creative Commons License) To know hope, one must know hopelessness.  The deeper the experience of hopelessness, the greater the possibility of a stronger, more significant hope.  The fullness and power of joy and optimism are rooted in one’s willingness to embrace his or her shadow.  Until we confront the nature and reality… Read more »

My Last Poem


This will be the last poem I write (please restrain your cheering) until I‘m presented with neurophysiological outcome research evidence that they make a positive difference. So far, writing them has wasted my time and reading them has kept better men from dong the world’s work. This is unethical, unscientific, and grounds for malpractice prosecution…. Read more »

The Moviegoer


The “willing suspension of disbelief,” is a phrase I have always associated with movie going.  And I have been a moviegoer and a movie watcher, since I can barely remember. Like Binx Bolling, the protagonist in Walker Percy’s novel The Moviegoer, I found re-enforcement by identifying with movie characters. In fact, they helped me to… Read more »

An Existential Poem: “A Single Case Study”


I am an electromagnetic burst … A SINGLE CASE STUDY I am an anomalous surge, a bioelectromagnetic burst. Study me with EEG topographic mapping (a great advance over phrenology), ferret out my subtle energies, record the markers of my emotion, sift my positive and negative ions for signs of virtue, and measure the build-up and… Read more »

The link between Creativity and Authenticity


Carl Ernst Christoph Hess (1755-1828) I have been interested in Existentialism for as long as I can remember.  As a college freshman I took a course on Walt Whitman and wrote a paper on the existential ideas presented in Whitman’s poem, Song of Myself.  Before I knew it, I was knee deep in existential concepts… Read more »

Amy Winehouse, Addiction, and the search for meaning in life


Photo courtesy of AmyWinehouse.com She had a brilliant, lovely and desperately sad life – but that could be said about so many others who don’t live the life of a star. There is really no real way of knowing what was going on in Amy Winehouse’s heart. There is no real way of knowing what… Read more »

Psychology Needs Poetry – Part II


Is too much poetry a sign of maddness? In an extraordinary article in Poetry Magazine, poet Joshua Mehigan examines the popular link between “poetry” and “madness.”  After all, aren’t poets visionaries and eccentrics?  Aren’t they taken over by the muse and privy to the depths of the human experience? Well, maybe those last two.  But… Read more »

First chess, now music: just how creative can computers get?


“Nobody’s original,” says composer David Cope. Here’s what he means: there’s no such thing as “creativity,” only endless copying, theme, and variation. “Everybody copies from everybody. The skill is in how large a fragment you choose to copy and how elegantly you can put them together.” Cope is making more than just an argument with… Read more »

Shakespeare in … lust?


It’s a headline guaranteed to make any romantic smile:  “Love, but not lust, inspires creativity.” That’s the conclusion of a new study reported in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.  In it, researchers asked 60 university students to imagine either casual sex with someone they were attracted to but not in love with, or a… Read more »