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Understanding Snowball Effects (and Donald Trump)

 Just when we thought the controversy over President Obama’s birth certificate was over, it got riled up again by Donald Trump. Now, it seems, even President Obama’s birth certificate can’t stop it. What happened?  How did we reach this point? The answer is a term you’ve probably heard before, a “snowball effect.”  Unless you’re happy with… Read more »

Negotiating While Rome Burns

Pointing fingers. Casting blame. Passing the buck. Any cliché that implies fault accurately describes what happened on Capitol Hill last week as senators and members of Congress did everything they could to deflect responsibility over a possible government shutdown to members of their opposing party. They played the same blame game over the problem that… Read more »

Fading Ink: How the Unsustainable Business Model of Newspapers Can Transition

Ted Turner called it in 1981. That was the first time the media mogul predicted the newspaper industry’s inevitable death, blaming its stale format for its eventual demise. He assumed the death would be quick and painless as more and more readers became viewers of his brand new cable news venture, CNN. Turner gave the… Read more »