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Chrysalis Interrupted: The Leadership and Dwindling Popularity of Barack Obama

Criticizing the leadership capabilities of presidential hopeful Barack Obama was considered a blasphemous act of heresy during the summer of 2008. Back then, you were asking for trouble and social ostracism if you dared cast doubt over Obama’s vague notions of hope, change, and the future of the U.S. across various sectors. Today, it’s OK… Read more »

The Value of Face-to-Face Conversations

Call me old-fashioned, but nothing beats having a face-to-face conversation with another person. Sorry, Facebook. Sorry, Twitter. Sorry, Skype. But I really don’t think any social media site, gadget, or app can replace this method of communication—the most authentic way of connecting with another human being. When you’re chatting with someone in person, you can… Read more »

Libya and the Leverage Points of Change

We’re on the cusp of watching real change sweep through Libya this week as rebel fighters seize the capital city of Tripoli in their ongoing effort to overthrow Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. With a new political body ready to replace Gadhafi’s 42-year regime, the rebels’ plight toward freedom these past six months has been fueled… Read more »

“Thriving in Perpetuity”

A sustainable organization is capable of “thriving in perpetuity.” Those were the words of environmental activisit Adam Werbach—words I first came across earlier this week while reading Alexander and Kathia Laszlo’s post, The Practices of Systemic Sustainability. Werbach’s use of the word perpetuity stuck with me these past few days. A sustainable organization that’s capable… Read more »

“…In the hardest of moments, we can also live the fullest of lives.”

While perusing my Facebook page this afternoon, I learned that the friend of a friend—a woman named Maria—was recently hospitalized in her battle against an inoperable brain tumor. Maria’s name sounded familiar so I looked her up. I know her, I thought. But I don’t know her. At least not formally. I remembered her as… Read more »

Will the real systemic leaders please stand up?

Last night on CNN, Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina used the “s” word to describe the kind of change he wants to see in Washington, D.C., to end the recurring debt-default issue once and for all. The “s” word he used was systemic. “Systemic change,” Mr. Gowdy said, is the change he’d like… Read more »

Greening Miami

Every time I drive through downtown Miami, it strikes me how much the skyline’s changed during the past 25 years. The sparse city center forever immortalized in the 1980s by Miami Vice is now a mega-metropolis densely populated by condos and skyscrapers—monolithic structures of steel, concrete, and glass glistening off the waters of Biscayne Bay… Read more »

Defining Workplace Complexity in the Newsroom

Complexity thrives in newsrooms. As a former newspaper reporter, I should know. When you’re up against a hard deadline fact-checking information from three sources who are all telling you different things while an impatient editor raises an eyebrow at you just as the reporter in the neighboring cubicle starts boasting loudly over his lone accomplishments… Read more »