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The Forces that Make and Break Success

There’s a cold, hard fact that a majority of us MBAs don’t learn in business school and it’s the reality that companies falter and fail quite badly, quite often. Theoretically, a company’s competitive advantage should strengthen its positioning and it’s ability to succeed among competitors. This, we MBAs are told, is done by using Michael… Read more »

Organizational Culture and Its Effects on Creativity

Culture links people together. It does so, according to organizational theorist Edgar H. Schein, by allowing people to band together as a group and develop a unique set of beliefs and practices that are absorbed and accepted by all of its members. In time, the group’s beliefs and practices, which consist of shared assumptions, perceptions,… Read more »

Calling New Delhi: Customer Service Reps and the Corporate Benefits of Cultural Complexity

Most people know that a majority of corporations outsource their call centers to India. They don’t necessarily learn this fact in business school. They learn it by simply dialing the customer service line and hearing a voice on the other end speak with an accent that hails from the outskirts of New Delhi. What most… Read more »

Stories of a Storyteller: Perspective is Everything

I remember covering the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in April 2003. Well, sort of. I was four months into my internship with The Miami Herald at the time covering the civic beat in the town of Miami Lakes, a suburb about 30 minutes northwest of Miami. I landed that intership after stringing for… Read more »

Polarity Thinking: Learning to Accept Both Sides of an Argument

Russ believes in equal opportunity. He looks down on the greed, the disparities, and the selfishness that, he believes, presently dominate U.S. culture. The way Russ sees it, the individualistic view that’s caused all of the country’s current economic problems overshadows our ability as a society to create a system that takes care of all… Read more »

SYSTEMS THINKING IN ACTION: Peter Senge on the Continuing Journey Toward Sustainability

The globe can’t escape exponential growth. Population rates continue to spike, countries such as China and India continue to rapidly develop, consumption and waste trends continue to increase, and businesses continue to seek out more and more market share across the globe. Our current patterns are placing a huge toll on our planet, which author… Read more »