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It matters what the voices in your head are saying


FMRI images of the human brain Have you ever been known or been with someone who was diagnosed as schizophrenic? Have they ever shared their experiences with you? Have you ever wondered what that’s like? Hearing voices or “auditory hallucinations” is the one aspect that most people associate with schizophrenia – and indeed the minds… Read more »

There is no substitute for solitude. Is it gone for good?


Meister Eckhardt, the 13th century mystic, once said “There is nothing so near God as silence.”  But he never had to deal with somebody text messaging in church. Technology has not only improved our ability to communicate with one another:  it’s allowed us to communicate at all times, wherever we are.  The result, for many… Read more »

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise among teens. Why? Because they’re prescribed so much more.


A legal high – there is a way to get one and most likely the teen in your life knows exactly how to do it and where to get their supply. Their doctor.  A recent study states that the supply is increasing. Young adults and adolescents are being prescribed more medications to deal with “ailments”… Read more »

APA Monitor features article on Existential-Humanistic therapy


Abraham Maslow A notice to readers of the New Existentialists on the feature article “Searching for Meaning” in the American Psychological Association Monitor on Psychology (November, 2011): This article is groundbreaking because for the first time in memory, existential-humanistic therapy is being exclusively featured in the flagship newsletter of the American Psychological Association. This development,… Read more »

Kirk Schneider to discuss ‘The Polarized Mind’ on KQED’s radio Forum


It’s not our problems that are killing us, says Saybrook faculty member Kirk Schneider:  it’s our minds.  We can’t solve problems ranging from global warming to Wall Street malfeasance because we are caught in a mental trap – what he calls “the polarized mind.”   Schneider will be discussing his new book “The Polarized Mind:… Read more »

A trip to Cambodia prompts existential reflections


A major tenet of existentialism is we create our lives through our values, choices, and actions. Certainly, no one would say this is an “easy” task during any time period. European Existentialists of the 1940s and 1950s, such as Sartre, de Beauvoir, Camus, and Frankl, formed their philosophies with World War II as a backdrop—when… Read more »

This is what happens when psychology surrenders to medication


A chilling article by Salon and AlterNet exposes the devastation that prescription drug abuse is causing much of America. For large swaths of the country, “Pill Mills” that provide mood altering drugs for the slightest excuse, are a fact of life. “Pilling” – trading drugs with family, friends and strangers for a mix-and-match high –… Read more »