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Saybrook faculty member George Kent publishes two new books on food production

  Saybrook Professor George Kent – who teaches STR 6585 “The Human Right to Adequate Food” – has published Ending Hunger Worldwide, a book that challenges the naïve notion that everyone wants hunger to end. Rather, hunger ensures that some people will work for very low pay, so employers make good profits and consumers enjoy… Read more »

The view from Occupy Oakland

(The following description of Occupy Oakland, just prior to the police action of Oct. 25, is provided by Psychology PhD student Makenna Berry, a regular contributor to Saybrook’s psychology blog The New Existentialists) History? More like our story. It has become the story of 100’s swelling to include 1000’s who have come together in downtown… Read more »

Saybrook University issues statement in support of the Occupy Movement

On Friday, Oct. 28, Saybrook University issued the following statement: Saybrook University’s stated mission is to promote the creation of a more “humane, just and sustainable world.” We call on local governments and the federal government to respect and support the Occupy movement protesters’ rights of nonviolent speech and assembly. Share your experience, opinion, and… Read more »

Alumna Lyn Freeman launches new, revolutionary, technique for post-cancer recovery

Saybrook Alumna Lyn Freeman has been one of the leading researchers on guided imagery as a healing technique.  In 2005 she received the first National Institutes of Health grant to study it as a method of support for cancer survivors. Treatment for cancer can often leave survivors exhausted, depleted, and drained — but modern medicine… Read more »

Why do we think women aren’t funny?

We can prove that women are as funny as men — we just don’t believe it. A new study showed that when a group of people were given jokes … but didn’t know who wrote them … they found a statistically insignificant difference between jokes written by men and women.  ‘ But tell them who… Read more »

Alumna Kaffia Jones promoted to Brigadier General

Saybrook is pleased to announce that psychology alumna Colonel Kaffia Jones was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General on Sept. 10.  The ceremony was held it Atlanta, Georgia, and attended by Brigadier General Jones’ immediate family, officers of the General corps, and enlisted servicemen and women.  Saybrook Faculty member Eugene Taylor was also in… Read more »

Biscayne Institutes named among best in world for recovery from traumatic brain injury

Recently The Biscayne Institutes of Health & Living, founded and directed by Saybrook Mind-Body Medicine faculty member Marie DiCowden, was named one of 16 best practices for community integration of individuals with brain injury out of 253 surveyed world wide by the Univeristy of Toronto for an upcomming publication. The Biscayne Institute of Health & Living… Read more »

The culture of Kodak: It’s hard not to fall when you’re on top of the world

Kodak is an iconic company – almost synonymous with film and photography.  It may soon become synonymous with major collapse as well:   the epitome of a once invincible company that couldn’t keep up.  In the wake of predictions that Kodak may file for bankruptcy, economists will likely go over the company’s business decisions for years… Read more »

Learn about the global peace movement

Saybrook University is pleased to co-sponsor “Taking Stock of Peace:  Inspiration from Peace Movements Worldwide,” featuring presentations from some of the leading academics studying peace in our time. Peace Movements Worldwide is the largest scholarly examination of the global peace movement in history.  This three volume anthology, co-edited by Saybrook faculty member Marc Pilisuk, is… Read more »

You are not a job

Futurists like Jaron Lanier have been warning us that the same thing that happened to assembly line workers in the 20th century is going to happen to knowledge workers in the 21st:  machines will come in to do the jobs faster and cheaper.  Of course, in the 20th century it was robots – while in… Read more »