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Big changes, constant values:

The community is invited to a discussion of how we sustain Saybrook’s humanistic core Saybrook’s made great strides in the 21st century:  creating new programs, completing the most successful fund-raising campaign in its history, and accomplishing key goals as it moves towards the creation of a full university structure.  But as Saybrook grows in new… Read more »

Experts in the psychology of politics and the life of Martin Buber win 2009 Rollo May Award

The exclusive award, given every two years, honors scholars whose life work demonstrates faith in human possibility This year Saybrook will honor the author of a seminal study on the psychological underpinnings of political beliefs, as well as the world’s foremost authority on Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. Every two years Saybrook, in collaboration with the… Read more »

Saybrook to offer ground-breaking graduate degree in Mind-Body Medicine

A third of American adults are using complementary or alternative medicine to improve their health – treating conditions ranging from back pain and migraines to insomnia.  As the demand for complimentary medicine increases, the demand for well-trained practitioners … and high quality research on effective treatments … will grow too.  In fact, they will become… Read more »

The university

  Saybrook University is the world’s premier institution for humanistic studies. It is a unique place of student engaged learning in a rigorous course of study, offering advanced degrees in psychology, mind-body medicine, organizational systems, leadership, and human science. Saybrook’s programs are deeply rooted in the humanistic tradition and a commitment to help students develop… Read more »

Somebody helps those who help themselves: Study shows connection between religion and self-control

According to a report to be published in the upcoming issue of Psychological Bulletin, people who attend church regularly – or at least have internalized a strong commitment to religious values – will have an easier time keeping their New Year’s resolutions.   It’s not just that it takes self-control to sit through religious services.  Even accounting for… Read more »