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Saybrook Annual APA Convention Dinner-Sponsored by the Saybrook Alumni Association in Cooperation with Executive Faculty Member Dr. Stan Krippner

Save the Date 6:00 to 8:00 PM, Friday, August 13, 2010 for the Saybrook Annual APA Convention Dinner–Sponsored by the Saybrook Alumni Association in Cooperation with Executive Faculty Member Dr. Stan Krippner Contact the [email protected] or call 415-394-5968 to be placed on the Saybrook APA Dinner mailing list. Every attempt will be made to pick… Read more »

Alumna Rivka Bertisch Meir, Ph.D. ’05 Publishes New Book

Alumna Rivka Bertisch Meir, Ph.D. ’05 Publishes Stop Beliefs That Stop Your Life This book describes a new technique of self-transformation that can substantially change your life in a short period of time by demonstrating the importance of fixed beliefs in determining Life Patterns that cause us to repeat the same destructive behaviors over and… Read more »

Alumna Marie Fonrose, PhD ’03 Outlines Her Haiti Mission

Alumna Marie Fonrose, PhD ’03 who lost 11 relatives in the recent Haiti earthquake outlines her Haiti mission below. To donate money to support Marie in her work in Haiti, send checks to Saybrook University, attention the Alumni Association Haiti Fund or go to Be sure to designate your donation in support of the… Read more »

Alumna Sunny Massad, Ph.D. ’00 releases new book ‘UnTherapy’

From a press release: UnTherapy can release self-defeating patterns UnTherapy speaks to the hearts and souls of self-improvement junkies who find themselves teetering on the brink of burnout as a result of working on themselves for years on end. Self-improvement can be self-abusive because the constant drive to fix, cure, and acquire, prevents peace of mind… Read more »

Alumna Susan Gordon, Ph.D. ’07 shares coming lecture schedule

Alumna Susan Gordon recently wrote a paper for the Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy based on her candidacy essay on Alan Watts. She says they loved it! Susan’s Coming Lectures: Existential psychology and the meaning of human development. Society of Asian and Comparative Philosophy, Pacific Grove, CA (6/18-6/21/10) Neurophenomenology: The mind and the… Read more »

A call for contributions: Edited book ‘Mental Health and Anomalous Experience’

A Call for contributions: Edited book Mental Health and Anomalous Experience Original contributions (exposition papers, critical literature reviews, methodological evaluations or papers presenting novel methodologies, but not new empirical work) are invited for an edited book on ‘Mental Health and Anomalous Experience’ (negotiations with publishers in progress). The book is intended to be of interest… Read more »