Author: Steve Fehl

Honoring a Mentor


A statue of C.S. Lewis in Belfast The end of this month marks the retirement of a man who has been a significant and influential guide in my life. For almost seven years, we worked together as a ministry team in a moderately sized congregation located in Minnesota’s Twin Cities. As I have reflected over… Read more »

When Does Life Begin?


Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci When does life begin? In the shadow of the President’s announced requirements concerning birth control, and the Republican’s awkward dance of being the most “pro-life” candidate, there is a renewed emphasis on the question, “when does life begin?” Is it at conception? Or, perhaps at a certain stage of development… Read more »

“Civil Discourse” is the forgotten difference between dialogue and confrontation


That’s how you do it Mark Shields and David Brooks awarded the first ever Prize for Civility in Public Life from Allegheny College Over the last year, I have become a big fan of the PBS Newshour’s conversation with Brooks and Shields each Friday evening.  What has drawn me to this segment each week is… Read more »

Smoke, Spit, and Suffering


“I’ve seen it all and it’s nothing but smoke—smoke, and spitting into the wind.” Ancient Hebrew Philosopher (The Message). I love turtles.  Those close to me know of my deep sense of connection with turtles.  Turtles are fascinating creatures.  They are beings of determination, focus, and dedication.  Several species spend their whole life swimming, year… Read more »

So This is Christmas


Transfiguration, by Raphael It is the season of holidays.  In the faith tradition of my upbringing, it is the season of Advent, a period of four weeks leading up to the celebration of the Incarnation of God in Jesus the Nazarene.  This celebration of the Incarnation is most widely known as Christmas.  However, today, you… Read more »

Always Sunset


Photo by Warrenlead69 (Creative Commons License) To know hope, one must know hopelessness.  The deeper the experience of hopelessness, the greater the possibility of a stronger, more significant hope.  The fullness and power of joy and optimism are rooted in one’s willingness to embrace his or her shadow.  Until we confront the nature and reality… Read more »

I will do it


Photo by David Shankbone (Creative Commons Licence) This past Friday I did something I have never done before, I attended a protest meeting.  Now, it was an organizational meeting and we didn’t actually get out on the street, but I stepped outside my comfort zone, and connected with a group of people I didn’t know… Read more »