Author: Steve Fehl

A Sacred Process


Original photo by Krzysztof Mizera. Your image of God creates you. Not to Prove Anything, but to Experience Someone, Richard Rohr The holiday season has always been a reflective time for me, but this year has been particularly so. Whatever the reason, much of my reflection has centered on my experience of God. As I… Read more »

For What Do We Grieve?


Moment of silence for the Sandy Hook victims. I have read hundreds of posts, articles, and blogs since the horrible murders of the children and adults in Newtown, CT. I searched for words, images, thoughts, insights, or perspectives that would somehow describe the emotions and turmoil I was experiencing. There was a sense of desperation,… Read more »

Spirituality and Existentialism


Photo by Krzysztof Mizera. Several years ago, Kirk Schneider was interviewed by the student newspaper of the Colorado School of Professional Psychology. The interview asked Schneider what he would be if he were not a psychologist; he responded an “existential theologian.” Existentialism has long included the realm of the transcendent and the role of spirituality… Read more »

Paradise Lost


Lava on the Big Island. Photo by Atelier Joly. “Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” — William Shakespeare As the pilot gently lifted the plane into the dirty white sky settling over the island’s western coast, I put my head back, closed my eyes, and reflected on the past six days. They… Read more »

Ultimate Concern


It has been fascinating watching the media go a-gog over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s announcement of Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. Fiscal conservatives are rejoicing and celebrating this apparent move to the right by Governor Romney. Social liberals are aghast at the threat Rep. Ryan’s appointment and possible election… Read more »

Secondary Trauma


I am tired, and I am sad. I am weary, and I am angry. I am confused, and I want clarity. Weeks of drama, tragedy, and loss have created an overwhelming sense of anxiety, fear, and bewilderment. Weeks of dealing with aging parents with serious medical issues, a flailing therapy practice, a destructive wildfire, a… Read more »