Author: Sarah Kass

Football Lessons


Photo by Amanda Piersza. In the interest of “full disclosure,” I will be the first to admit I am a “football illiterate.” I know nothing about the game, have never been interested in it, and can count the number of football games I have seen on one hand. Growing up, my family was not sports-minded… Read more »

In Memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


Photo by the New York World Telegram and Sun. Today we remember the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Rather than present secondhand analyses or interpretations, the New Existentialists will let the work of Dr. King speak for itself. We direct you to some of the following links to read some of… Read more »

Beyond Scientism and Relativism: Giorgi’s Commitment to Human Science


Amedeo Giorgi. In the field of phenomenological research, no one has done more to establish its legitimate scientific credentials than Amedeo Giorgi. In a new essay now available to the New Existentialists’ library, Marc Applebaum describes how Giorgi has offered an alternative to the scientism and relativism often found in psychology and what passes for… Read more »

The Spiritual Heresy of Maria Von Trapp: Existential Musings on The Sound of Music, Part Two


As we pick up the story of Maria in The Sound of Music from where we left off in Part One, The Reverend Mother sends Maria against her wishes to the estate of the widower Captain Von Trapp. She is to be Governess of his seven children. Maria is hesitant. Here, she must come up… Read more »