Author: Nancy Southern

Engaging Discussions About Sustainability

Much of my time is spent talking about sustainability to people who think like I do. We have a great time discussing the problems and the needs as well as confirming our own beliefs and actions. As like-minded people often find each other, I imagine this is the case for many people dedicated to making… Read more »

Thinking Critically About Critical Thinking

I just returned from the 9th International conference on Transformative Learning, held this year in Athens, Greece.  I was struck by the constructive engagement of different points of view expressed by the Americans and the Europeans.  The field of transformative learning grew out of Jack Mezirow’s work at Columbia University in adult education, and he… Read more »

Organizational Systems: What Leaders Need to Know

Ask 1,500 CEOs what the greatest challenge their organizations face is and they’ll tell you it’s complexity.  We live in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world and leaders from every sector fear they are ill-equipped to meet the challenge.  Frank Kern, senior vice president, IBM Global Business Services noted that the findings of their 2010… Read more »

A Sustainable Globe Depends on Local Leadership

Our current thinking about sustainability limits our opportunity to achieve the results needed in the short timeframe we have to turn the tide. We need to change that thinking and the leadership to do it is most likely to be found at the local level, rather than the national or global. Harness that local initiative,… Read more »