Author: Makenna Berry

The stigma attached to “mental illness” is unfair, unjust … and unchanged


Research has shown that there is little to no relationship between “mental illness” and violent behavior. But try telling the public that.  Stereotypes are powerful, and not only is this one a thousand of years old, but it’s reinforced every night on prime time when cop shows and procedural dramas portray schizophrenic or psychotic killers. … Read more »

How to drive innovation (and maybe reduce ADHD): eliminate standardized tests


There are record numbers of unemployed, a shrinking pool of jobs, and an increase in school failure rates. Is now really the time to shift our education system to a nurturing system that focuses on growth? Absolutely. This economic collapse presents an opportunity to transform not only our economy but how we live within it…. Read more »

It matters what the voices in your head are saying


FMRI images of the human brain Have you ever been known or been with someone who was diagnosed as schizophrenic? Have they ever shared their experiences with you? Have you ever wondered what that’s like? Hearing voices or “auditory hallucinations” is the one aspect that most people associate with schizophrenia – and indeed the minds… Read more »

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise among teens. Why? Because they’re prescribed so much more.


A legal high – there is a way to get one and most likely the teen in your life knows exactly how to do it and where to get their supply. Their doctor.  A recent study states that the supply is increasing. Young adults and adolescents are being prescribed more medications to deal with “ailments”… Read more »