Author: Makenna Berry

James Bugental’s lessons for social change agents


Be a change agent Dr. James Bugental presented a paper at the 1965 meeting of the Psychologists Interested in the Advancement of Psychotherapy in Washington, D.C. The paper “The Humanistic Ethic – The Individual in Psychotherapy as a Societal Change Agent” presented a perspective on the potential of psychotherapy. Bugental felt that potential could extend… Read more »

Maybe you can’t built character through fear


Photo by Bantosh Remember Scared Straight? The film featured a group of youth offenders that were put through a diversion program that gained national notiriaty for its harsh reality based experiential. Teens were brought into the Rahway State Prison in New Jersery with members of The Lifers, men servicing life long sentences who wanted Scare… Read more »

Reorientation Therapy has it all wrong: trading sexuality for spirituality diminishes both


Photo by Bepege  Even 35 years after the American Psychiatric Association declared that homosexuality was not a mental disorder it seems that there is still some idea that being attracted to the same sex is a sickness. Dr. Marcus Bachman, husband of Representative Michelle Bachman and president of Bachmann and Associations, a mental health clinic… Read more »

Amy Winehouse, Addiction, and the search for meaning in life


Photo courtesy of She had a brilliant, lovely and desperately sad life – but that could be said about so many others who don’t live the life of a star. There is really no real way of knowing what was going on in Amy Winehouse’s heart. There is no real way of knowing what… Read more »

Proposed disorder provles: “Diagnosing” kids a lot easier than understanding how to help them


By Stethoscopes (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons Being a parent is an incredible journey filled with joy, pain, confusion, hope, stress and just a flood of emotions that most new parents never imagined they would experience. There is nothing more frightening than to witness with grief and fear your child… Read more »

Why we relapse back into depression


Photo by JaneArt Are anti-depressants putting people more at risk for a relapse? Possibly. In his latest piece to be published in the journal of Frontiers of Science, evolutionary psychologist Paul Andrews’ meta-analysis suggests that patients who use anti-depressants are more susceptible to a relapse than those who do not use them. They analyzed research… Read more »

What to disclose to clients, and when, is a perilous question


Recently, Dr. Marsha Linehan stepped forward publically as being a survivor of terrible schizophrenic episodes. The story of her decent into the lived experience of psychological, physical and spiritual pain, and her her life saving rise out of the darkness was featured in the June 23rd issue of the New York Times. Why did she… Read more »

Happiness is over-hyped


We all want to be happy. There is a growing body of research on happiness and the positive effects it can have on personal well-being. The self-help industry is fueled by the personal goal of being happy and the practice of positive psychology encourages the growth of personal happiness.   But beware the happiness hype…. Read more »

Empathy is going the way of the land-line: one more thing the young are giving up


Are college students today less likely to feel sympathy for people less fortunate than them than college students were 30 years ago?  We’d better have a talk about empathy, before it’s too late.  A meta-analyses study published in the August 2010 issue of Personality and Social Psychology Review looked at research empathy dating from 1979-2009,… Read more »