Author: Makenna Berry

The impact of everyday terror


Photo by P.G. Champion Does the fear of death, your death, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, influence your political and community decisions? It may, according to a theory that has renewed interest in our very uncertain times. Terror management theory was introduced in 1973 by anthropologist Ernest Becker. In his book The Denial of Death,… Read more »

Report from Occupy Oakland: every great social movement has a shadow


Occupy Oakland November 2, 2011 This is the date of the first general strike in Oakland since 1946 and the world was watching as 1000’s of people headed out to the plaza then marched on the Port in four separate waves. Much of the day was peaceful. The day was filled with speakers, sharing, networking,… Read more »

Stop Worrying!


“Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.” – Author Unknown I came across this diagram some time ago. When I saw it I laughed of course but deep down knew that this was an image portraying a hard truth. Worry and anxiety can consume so much of our energy. I can’t even imagine the… Read more »

For Cross-cultural psychology, listening is more important than a list of symptoms


Photo courtesy of Kenneth Allen The western body of psychotherapy takes little consideration of how culture is a part of the human psyche. The DSM IV has been rightly charged with being culturally unconscious of the fact that psychological suffering is unique to the individual’s cultural identity.   This fact was driven home to me during… Read more »

Honoring menopause


Women, and to attempt to be more precise, women living in western societies have the lived experience of menopause. Menopause has been shaped by clinical diagnosis and defined as a number of symptoms. Author and British psychologist Sue Brayne recently published, “Sex, Meaning and Menopause” as research based narrative on the physical, emotional and spiritual… Read more »