Author: Louis Hoffman

Finding the existential myth within


This is not the myth you are looking for From, Dr. Louis Hoffman, in “Gordo’s Ghost: An Introduction to Existential Perspectives in Myth,” published in Existential Psychology: East West Psychology. “A myth is a collection of related symbols that create a worldview or meaning system. It serves as a reference for the way we see… Read more »

The goal of therapy is to put therapists out of business


This is not therapeutic Note: this is a previuosly unpublished adaptation of a presentation originally made as part of a panel, Ethics of Alterity: Implications of Levinas for Psychotherapy, at the Third Annual Conference on Counseling and Spirituality: Trends, Traditions and Ethics, Gannon University, Erie, PA, September 22-23, 2000. I decided to include it after reading… Read more »

Occupy Mental Health! Countering the “Business Model” of psychology


Is this mental health? The medical model draws a significant amount of critique in clinical psychology these days, especially from existential and humanistic psychologists, and for good reason. The medical model is deeply flawed in its basic assumptions, including its construction of mental illness and conceptualization of what it means to be human. Although ongoing… Read more »