Author: Louis Hoffman

Existential Activism


Occupy Wall Street. Photo by David Shankbone. At the 2012 Existential-Humanistic Institute Conference, John Galvin presented on the topic of “Existential Activism.” It was a wonderful presentation that led to many interesting thoughts and discussions. Although I have long aspired to being socially responsible, I never considered myself an activist prior to a colleague referring… Read more »

Politics and Existentialism: Zhi Mian and United States PoliticsãPart 2: Empathy & Collective Responsibility


President Obama campaigning in New Mexico. It is easy to become disgusted with politics in the United States today. Corruption seems to be the norm, and there does not appear to be any genuine hope for change. We blame the politicians, the politician system, the parties, and the media, but rarely do we consider our… Read more »

Politics and Existentialism: Zhi Mian and United States PoliticsãPart 1: Facing Conflict and Disagreement Directly


United States politics is fraught with conflict and disagreement as is evident even to the casual observer. These are natural occurrences in all organizations and political systems. They can be used poorly or for gain. Often, disagreement and conflict, when handled properly, can encourage creativity and development. When handled poorly, they can stifle any growth… Read more »

A Tribute to the Students of Humanistic Psychology


Some of my greatest teachers and greatest inspirations as an existential psychologist and professor have been my students. Although it has become cliché to say that teachers learn from their students, I hope to speak to this as a personal experience that comes alive beyond the cliché. When I speak of students, particular students come… Read more »

Report from the Second International Conference on Existential Psychology


Participants in ICEP 2012. (click photo to enlarge) The Second International Conference on Existential Psychology (ICEP), at Fudan University in Shanghai, China from May 24-27, 2012, was once again a great success as gauged by the number of people in attendance and the enthusiasm of the conference. The interest in the conference quickly outgrew the… Read more »

Educationês Lost Citizenship


Anyone in higher education today knows that the field is drastically changing. Nervous academics and administrators are engaging in intense debate regarding the causes of the problems and scrambling to find solutions before they become imposed upon the academy by accreditation bodies. It is evident that a myriad of factors contributed to the current state… Read more »