Author: Jorge Taborga

What If Corporations Ran like the Federal Government?

Imagine our private organizations operating like the federal government. What if we belonged to parties inside our workplaces and chose to work or not based on what our party determined? What if we could refuse to implement a needed plan just because our party does not agree? I have been working in private for-profit and… Read more »

What Kind of Leader Are You?

Ronald Burke, the accomplished organizational change expert, once said, “There may be as many and as diverse definitions of leadership as there are for love.” Most social scientists agree that leadership and the role and makeup of a leader are among the most researched and written about subjects in business literature. There are several types… Read more »

A Little “Pecha Kucha”

The phrase pecha kucha means “chit-chat” in Japanese. In 2003, two European architects created a new type of presentation that they christened Pecha Kucha and the format of this presentation stays true to its name. A Pecha Kucha is a community session where individuals present an idea in a structured PowerPoint presentation of 20 slides… Read more »

The Kind of Business Leadership We Need for Our Evolution

Leadership in our modern cultures is not only highly valued but essential for our evolution.  As I approach 30 years of professional work, I realize that almost 100 percent of the value I bring to organizations and what I am compensated for involves leadership.  My work in leadership comprises of creating an even playing field… Read more »

Conscious Evolution

We are at the portal of what systems scientist Béla Bánáthy called the “fourth generation” humans. What distinguishes this fourth generation from its predecessors is evolutionary consciousness, according to Bánáthy, a professor emeritus at Saybrook University until his death in 2003. Bánáthy defined evolutionary consciousness as the knowledge and awareness of how we get to… Read more »

The Leadership Moment

There are probably as many ideas about leadership as there are leaders. Leadership is a subject that has been explored and documented by academia and practitioners alike. Numerous models have emerged and are taught at colleges and organizations across the world. Most aim at identifying the actions of good leaders so that new ones can… Read more »

Life Choices and Commitments: A Reinforcing Loop

Our life choices and commitments feed on each other causing them to form a reinforcing loop. This type of loop is the causal relationship of two variables that affect each other in the same direction. If one grows the other does as well. The opposite is also true: the reduction in one variable causes the… Read more »

The Organizational Psyche: A Depth Psychology Model

In the 2003 book Mapping the Organizational Psyche: A Jungian Theory of Organizational Dynamics and Change, authors John G. Corlett and Carol S. Pearson model the organizational psyche in two layers: conscious and unconscious.  The authors assert that the ego-driven actions and behaviors of those leading the organization manifest activity and shape organizational culture. The… Read more »

The Evolution of Systems Thinking

Systems thinking as a method of inquiry deals with complexity from the perspective of the whole, not the parts.  Most methods of inquiry follow the traditional path of reductionism as established by our sciences.  We have learned to answer life’s difficult questions by dissecting our subjects into parts with the idea that they are easier… Read more »