Author: Jason Dias

The Myth of Objectivity


National Library of Ireland on The Commons. Science: the place where we abandon our perspective and values, seeing problems from no point of view, studying problems as they come along with no special motivation other than pure knowledge. M.A.S.H.‘s Col. Potter had a word for this sort of thing: horsepuckey. Here’s the thing: we’re humans…. Read more »

Can Anybody Tell Me…


Photo by Nickolai Kashirin. 80 times a day, or a hundred, or more. Seemed like a million, by the end of a shift. The man with Korsakoff’s syndrome repeats the same question over and over, each time forgetting whatever answer he has obtained usually within a few seconds. Can anybody tell me where I’m at… Read more »

Education and Conformity


British WWI Recruiting Poster, 1915. I worked a few years at our state mental institution on a unit for people with chronic problems and especially problems of violence, escapism, and sexual predation. Most of these men were relatively low-functioning, and the longer they had been on the unit, typically the lower their level of function:… Read more »