Author: Jason Dias

Never bring up anything you can’t put back down


Never bring up anything you can’t put back down. –H. P. Lovecraft The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was, at one time, an animated chapter of the Disney film, Fantasia. Volumes have been written about the possible underground, unconscious meanings of the segment. As a reminder, Mickey Mouse, the titular character, uses magic to accomplish some mundane tasks…. Read more »

The cost of activism/self-centered activism


China, 2010. I’m in a hotel room with Mark Yang in Shanghai. I’m sleeping, he’s on the phone. It the international existential humanistic conference, and I’m there as a speaker and listener prior to a few days detached to speak in Wuhan. Mark is my bunkmate to save costs. But he’s not just a speaker,… Read more »

Dear Hollywoodãor How To Pick A University


Birdman. Michael Keaton, some other people you might have heard of. The trailers make it look really interesting, the story of a washed-up superhero who was never more than second-rate being dragged out of retirement by popular demand. That could be funny. Only that has nothing whatsoever with the movie. It’s really about a washed-up… Read more »

Why Do You Care What The Pope Thinks?


Photo by Alfredo Borba. I mean, you aren’t Catholic, so why do you share the little articles about what the Pope says? Benedict seems to have been more conservative. He didn’t do a great deal about systematic abuse in the church, didn’t have anything to say about same-sex romances, had a hard, traditional line on… Read more »

Bare: Psychotherapy Stripped: Shedding Light on the Shadow Sides of Therapy


In the modern age, it is hard to move paper without ample doses of sex and violence. This is a world in which 50 Shades of Grey is a best-selling series—bad writing by most accounts but sufficiently titillating without being too frightening. In A Dance of Dragons, George R. R. Martin has one of his… Read more »