Saybrook University Ph.D. student, Jana Downum, presents pilot study research on biofeedback-assisted rehabilitation from stroke at Houston Biofeedback Conference

Jana Downum

Jana Downum

Jana Downum is a PhD student in the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences at Saybrook University.  She is certified in biofeedback by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance, the most respected credentialing body in the biofeedback world. Jana Downum shared the following news:

“I am excited to announce that I have been asked to present at the Biofeedback Society of Texas’ 41st Annual Conference.  I will travel to Houston, Texas, to discuss my doctoral pilot study.  I am basing my dissertation work on the case studies of two stroke survivors.  I collaborated with two rehabilitation therapists during their post-acute rehabilitation.  Biofeedback interventions were added to other rehabilitation therapies to help survivors successfully return to daily functional activities.”

Jana Downum has been a member of the Biofeedback Society of Texas (BST) for many years and feels very supported by this organization.  In Houston, she will attend the BST conference presentations and workshops, and will learn more about biofeedback interventions used for treating brain injury and concussion.  She will have an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and stretch herself as a new scholar.  Jana stated that Saybrook’s College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences doctoral program has “given me the confidence to pursue this adventure.”

The Biofeedback Society of Texas was founded in 1976, and provides an annual conference providing scientific presentations and practical workshops.  The BST takes as its mission to promote the clinical application and scientific investigation of biofeedback and related techniques for self-regulation of both internal and external behavior for personal growth, clinical treatment and educational aspects of human experience.  The BST website is at: