Saybrook’s Jim Cahill on training attention for performance and wellness

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Saybrook’s MBM MS student Jim Cahill is the creator of a therapy that combines mindfulness and biofeedback to multiple issues, ranging from chronic pain to stress.  Jim’s work is featured in the June edition of the CrossFit Journal in an article on using mindfulness to improve fitness training results, minimize pain, and improve overall health and wellness.

Jim’s approach to therapy combines meditation and biofeedback—which involves monitoring and consciously manipulating physiologic functions such as brainwaves or heart function—to treat everything from stress to chronic pain.   As explained in the article, the use of meditation and mindfulness is increasingly appearing in cognitive psychology as more studies show its effectiveness.   As Cahill states in the article,  “The essence of it is to train the attention to stay put on whatever you ask it to. And when the attention wanders, to bring it back. This gives us what is called ‘chosen mind.”

Jim Cahill is a biofeedback therapist and former brain researcher at the world-renowned Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California.

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