As demonstrated by recent events—including the Occupy Movement, the Arab Spring, and Black Lives Matter—social media has played a significant role in organizations, communications, and ultimately taking action for underrepresented and oppressed populations. Saybrook’s master’s program in Transformative Social Change: Social Impact Media is the first graduate-level social change degree program at an independent, nonprofit institution focused on the global impact of social media on transformative social change.

Driven by their need for social change, students in the Social Impact Media specialization will participate in the creation and development of rich media campaigns—including documentaries, interviews, and video for social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Throughout the master’s in social change degree program, students will create campaigns and develop new metrics for measuring impact and bring about determinate influence on specific movements and social causes. They will also take part in the construction of a repository for empirical research and qualitative/quantitative analysis regarding the relationship between society, cause, and media across cultures.

As scholars, practitioners, and activists, graduates of the Transformative Social Change: Social Impact Media specialization will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a successful career in numerous areas, including nonprofit, filmmaking, research, teaching, political campaigning, and government.

Total Credits: 32-35

More program information can be found in our academic catalog.

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